We manufacture propeller shafts in different grades of steel and stainless steel. All stainless steel bars are bright ground finished according to very precise tolerances, then straightened, machined and checked before shipment.

«316L» Stainless Steel

The 316L is a quality standard. Despite having good resistance to electrolysis, it has not the strength of Temet 25. For this reason at the same power, larger diameters are used. 316L fit perfectly to sailing boats and motor boats low powered . The 316L comes up to diameters of 200 mm and lengths of 10m.

«TEMET 26» Stainless Steel

Ideal alternative for pleasure boats, Temet 26 is a new stainless steel Duplex stemming from Temet 25, combining the advantages of the latter and the economic interest of a 316L.

«TEMET 25» Stainless Steel

This material is the most efficient stainless steel on the market because it offers both the qualities of mecanical strength and important corrosion resistance. For this reason, it is the solution to all your problems.
The high mechanical strength of Temet 25 allows you to use it in a smaller diameter than the last. So you’ll save money by reducing the sterntubes and bearings. The Temet 25 is provided to diameters up to 200mm and lengths of 10 m.


Double tapered shaft are machined on the bothe sides, so they are reversible and can be used two times longer.
• ISO Tapered
• Supplied with fitted key
• Straightness 0.08mm
• Bright grounf finished, tolérance h9




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