Study office

Expertise evolving

Equipped with high-performance calculation software and the latest developments in CAD and 3D CAD, our research can study in the best conditions your propulsion system and offer you the most suitable system for your boat.

We adapt to the specifications provided by the customer even if it is exhaustive or not to give you benefit ou our engineers and skilled technicians expertise.

They develop and use our own calculation software to define the best propeller, bracket, rudder and the shaft line. All this by adapting to technological developments in materials, technical innovations and respecting the different standards and classification rules according to the project.

We could advise you which engine's power and the gearbox ratio, you need to choose for a new project or a repowering.

For specific projects to determine the best design of each element of the sterngear according to your specifications, we can use the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This with the sole objective to get the best propulsion system as possible (in terms of performance, noise, vibration, fuel consumption ...)

MAUCOUR must be at the forefront of technology working with architectural firms, shipyards and engine manufacturers.