The RMTA is a special and innovative product, which is destined to replace the traditional packing.
The self extinguishing rubber used to produce the RMTA has an elastometric base and it is a low-friction one which has also special characteristics of being oilresistant and suitable for temperature from -10° to +80°.

The seals RMTA are of reduced dimensions, easily assembled and come complete with stainless steel clamps and to a dispenser of sea water-resistant silicone based grease, which reduces friction and keeps down the temperature produced by the propeller shaft rotation. Additionally there is a special protection to help the shaft fitting.

Project important points:
- Entrance point for the lubrificant grease, including a special closing cap, in order to help the insert on the seal.
- Separate attachment for the water entrance in order to grant the necessary hydrolubrification of the shaft and the possibility to mount the seal above or under floating water.
- Suitable for speed up to 30 knots.


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