The Sureseal consists of a bellows to be mounted on the sterntube and fixed by two clamps. An inner bearing allows the lineage of the seal on the shaft. The bearing is lubricated with a water injection and grooves in the bore. The seal on the propeller shaft is made by a lip seal.


Key components/features of the SureSeal include:

- Housing: Made from fiber-reinforced composite material, the housing is stronger, smaller and more durable. Dimensionally unaffected by temperature changes, the SureSeal will not absorb water.

- Bearing: The integral PTFE bearing extends the useful operating life of the SureSeal under normal operating conditions. Should the water injection system fail to provide lubrication to the lip seal and bearing surface, the integrity of the SureSeal PTFE bearing and fiber-reinforced housing is unaffected. This feature allows the vessel operator to simply replace the worn lip seal, restoring the “100% watertight” characteristic of the SureSeal.

- Hose: Connecting the SureSeal to the boat has been made easier via an «articulating» hose. Matched to each housing size, the hose design positions the unit relative to the stern tube so that the required operating clearance is achieved without measurement (simplifying installation). This greatly reduces the side loads to the SureSeal when shaft misalignment occurs (as much as 1/4» in any direction), extending lip seal and bearing life.

- Hose Clamps: The hose clamps themselves are an improved design which won’t tear or mar the hose surface, require less tightening force and adjust to the changes in the hose diameter caused by variations in temperature and pressure.

- Seal Replacement: The new design incorporates a removable front cap which allows access to the lip seal making it easier to remove and replace, especially in «cramped quarters».


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