A workshop dedicated to the machining of shaft lines and propellers for marine

MAUCOUR has a workshop of 2130 m² at its site in Saint-Herblain on the outskirts of Nantes. After the study and design, machining is done by means of CNC and conventional machines thus ensuring an embodiment with high tolerances and according to the standards.

Our workshop is divided into 5 areas:

1. Machining

Our machining capacity allows us to produce propellers up to 3 meters in diameter in fundry (larger dimensions on request) but also fully machined on CNC machines. Shafts may combine a length of 8 meters and 250 mm diameter standard.

These dimensions are not exhaustive, technical adaptations of our machine park brought us to the largest sizes of achievement up to 12 meters.

Our machine park consists of:
- 2 numerical lathe SOMAB and CMZ,
- 5 traditional lathe
- 1 Numerical milling machine,
- 2 traditional milling machines,
- 1 key machine LAPOINTE,
- 1 Numerical slotting machine CAMS.

Our machine park allows us to be flexible and meet the needs of customers with tight deadlines for the marine and the industry.

2. Boilermaking - Welding

The Boilermaking / welding pole allows us to perform all types of parts welded in aluminum, steel, stainless steel or copper alloy.
We also repair your propellers in full.
We are equipped MIG / TIG stations and torches.

3. Polishing- Balancing

Propellers, rudders, brackets, etc. polishing requires fine skills and a huge experience. We are equipped with manual and pneumatic grinders to achieve a perfect finish. Several area are devoted to this activity.

4. Quality

All parts are checked and validated before shipping by our quality service to fully meet customer requirements.
We control propellers with the MRI computerized control system which can take measurements in three dimensions.

5. Storage

This division manages shipments and a large stock of "standards" products to provide the quickest solutions as possible.

We stock over 1000 propellers, brackets, rudders, seals, standard propeller shafts, cutless bearings, raw material ...

In short, MAUCOUR workshop is:
- Highly specialized technicians,
- 5 different poles with their specialties,
- A modern production technology,
- Productions devices (CNC ...)
- Custom tooling systems
- A spare parts warehouse (stock).