The performance of the Aqualube marine bearing is based on the unique design of the bearing surfaces. The angle created by the grooves and the bearing surface accentuates the propeller shaft lubrication.

The Aqualube bearing outer shell is manufactures from either corrosion resistant naval brass or non-metallic phenolic resin.

The inner bearing material is a tough synthetic nitrile rubber specially compounded to give a high resistance to abrasion and wear whilst providing effective noise and vibration damping.

The flow of water through the bearing dissipates heat and flushes and harmful abrasive substances from the bearing as well as keeping the metal and rubber surfaces apart thereby reducing friction losses.
Bearings fitted to struts tend to be self-lubrificated, but it is important that sterntube bearings receive an adequate water supply in order to facilitate optimal performance.
The water supply can often be in the form of a bleed-off from the engine cool system.

Brass and Non-metallic shelled series
Brass and non-metallic shelled series bearings are manufactured to suit imperial and metric shafts. The metric range covers shaft sizes from 20mm up to 150mm diameter. The imperial range covers all standard shafts from 3/4» up to 6» diameter. Special bearings and sizes can be supplied to suit customers’ requirements.

Technical Data
Our design office is at your service for all technical data needed like maximum operating propshaft RPM, maximal load, lubrification flow...


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